Search Engine Marketing = Return on Investment

Using effective keyword research and targeting, search engine optimization will improve the volume and quality of monthly traffic to your Web site.

One of the greatest advantages search engine marketing has over all other forms of advertising is: You only show your ad when a prospect is searching for you. And you only pay if they click! This allows you to get in front of 1,000’s of pre-qualified prospects at an affordable price, compared to the cost of other large media channels (radio, billboards, tv).

Furthermore, you can track a prospect all the way through to the final sale!

At Cincinnati Solutions, our goal is to deliver an optimized Web site that effectively drives traffic and generates sales.


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Our Search Engine Approach:

  • Client Goals / Budget
  • Web site Review
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Rankings & Adwords
  • Advertising Recommendations
  • Paid Placement or Co-Branding
  • Linking Opportunities
  • Campaign Management
  • Monthly Summary Reports